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Moondrop SSR - Unboxing

Updated: Jan 27, 2021


The box is pretty simple, the mascot girl is at the front cover and there are a graph and specifications of the IEM at the back. The size of the box itself is not very small but not that big either.

In the box:

- Silver Plated 4N-Litz OFC

- A small black pouch

- 3 pairs of silicone tips (S, M, L)

- Manuals & QC card


Built & Fit:


The shell of SSR is made of liquid metal alloy housing with a glossy finish. It has some weight on it since its metal, but it's still very lightweight when you wear them on your ear compared to their bigger brothers like KXXS/Starfield. With its shape resembling the FLC 8s or a heart, safe to say they are very comfortable and easy to get the right fit with. They also will not cause any fatigue or pain if you wear them for a long time.

However, the isolation on SSR is not as good as other IEMs with bigger housing. Here the isolation level is more or less similar to a bullet style IEM.

Cable & Eartips

The SPC is really nice for the price, it's soft, no micro-phonic nor does it retains memory when you roll them up. It has a tiny red ring near the right 2-pin connector for L/R markings and a rubber-made round splitter, which IMO, better than the one on the Starfield or the B2 since it has no sharp edges. But just like other Moondrop cables, it doesn't have a chin slider.

The silicone tips included are similar, or maybe the same as the one provided on Starfield. They are usable out of the box, but for better a fit and comfort, I would suggest doing some tips rolling.

Carrying Pouch

It's tiny. Maybe even a bit too tiny. Even the og Spaceship with a $20 price tag has a much bigger pouch than the SSR. But despite the tiny size, it's still can be used since the cable is pretty soft to be roll-up, so just roll it smaller & it will fit into the pouch nicely.

In terms of the material, the outer was kind of the water-resistant type instead of cloth material like the og, which can help to protect the IEM from an accidental splash of water.

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