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BQEYZ Spring 2 - Unboxing + Size Comparison

Updated: Feb 2


The packaging is more or less similar to the Spring 1 both in the size and design. They are pretty simple but still elegant with the only difference is on the outer sleeves where it has a big number 2 printed on the front and the IEM's specifications on the back.

In the box:

- 4-braid litz 0.78mm 2-pin cooper cable

- 6 pairs of silicone eartips (S/M/L)

- 1 pair of memory foam tips

- Carrying case

- User manual & QC card

Built & Fit:


The shell is made out of 5-axis CNC machined aluminium and it's available in two different colors. It's very well made and feels premium without any sharp edges. They are also easy to fit and relatively light in weight, so there will be less fit related issues even to smaller ears.

However, the isolation here is sadly below the average, because of the small size and since the shell doesn't really block the conch/floating on your ear, they'll not be able to block a lot of noise from outside.

Cable & Tips

The included 4-braid litz cable simply becomes one of my favourites. They are soft, slightly thick but still pretty light. They also tangle-free, have a working chin slider and good looking. When I first saw it, it quickly reminds me of the Faaeal Hibiscus cable but with a better chin slider and quality.

The eartips that's included here has 3 versions with two of them are silicones, which is the atmosphere type and reference type. The atmosphere tips are closer to other stock tips with a slightly narrower bore and rounder umbrella. On the reference tips, the umbrella is shorter and smaller even though it's the same size. The bore is also wider while the tube is much shorter than the atmosphere tips.

I personally prefer the atmosphere tips since it sounds much better than the reference. With atmosphere tips, they sound more defined and clean. But still, I prefer to use the aftermarket tips such as the sednas for better comfort.

Carrying Case

The black hard case included is made out of EVA material and has the BQEYZ name printed on the surface. The size is more or less in the medium level but it's still pretty pocket-able.

Size Comparison:

Moondrop Starfield

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